Preparativa EM Ted Pella

PELCO easiSlicer®

The PELCO easiSlicer™ introduces the new standard in vibratory slicing. It combines ease of operation, precise engineering and affordable pricing in a high quality instrument. The PELCO easiSlicer™ uses rigid construction and advanced engineering technologies to essentially eliminate backlash resulting in minimal Z-axis vibration normally associated with more expensive vibratory slicers. All operational controls are located on the front of the instrument, clearly labeled and sealed against moisture. The specimen tray is held securely in the polypropylene bath by a set of strong magnets.


MicroSlicer® Series

The MicroSlicers™ allow to cut sections of soft tissues like brain, liver or similar difficult-to-section material. The MicroSlicers™ are well known for their quality and superior performance, enjoying an excellent reputation in the neuroscience research community.

The MicroSlicers™ have a unique design for the vibratory motion of the cutting blade. To generate the shuttling blade motion in the MicroSlicer™, a smooth motorized system was adopted that is less prone to vertical vibration, compared to the traditional electromagnetic vibrating system. Traditional electromagnetic system is limited to a set constant vibration frequency of the blade. In contrast, the MicroSlicer™ allows adjustment to the shuttling frequency of the blade depending on the properties of the specimen. Thus, the MicroSlicer™ can cut thinner sections more easily and efficiently.


McIIwain Tissue Chopper

This device is designed to cut fresh or fixed tissue for metabolic experiments. It is especially advantageous for slicing small or irregular shaped specimens as one might obtain from biopsies. The McIlwain Tissue Chopper causes much less disturbance of the cell structure than homogenizers or blenders and has been used on various tissues of the central nervous system as well as for liver and kidney.

Slices up to 1mm thickness and cubes or prisms up to 1mm cross section can be prepared with the chopper in 30 seconds. Stepless variation of slice thickness from zero to the maximum is done by means of an indexing clutch in conjunction with a micrometer head calibrated in microns. The specimen is placed on the circular, white plastic disc on the stainless steel table and is transversed automatically from left to right at an adjustable speed.


PELCO® easiGlow

For one of the most common glow discharge applications, making TEM support films or grids hydrophilic using air, the PELCO easiGlow™ uses an automated and quick cycle with fully selectable parameters. The microprocessor controlled system also offers full manual control for all parameters and an advanced protocol programming feature for custom designed glow discharge applications. Parameters and protocols can be stored to facilitate consistent glow discharge results. Open the shipping box, plug it in, and you can start.

The PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System is a compact, quick and easy to use standalone system. It is primarily designed for cleaning TEM grids and hydrophilization of TEM carbon support films, which have the tendency to be hydrophobic. A glow discharge treatment with air will make a carbon film surface negatively charged (hydrophilic) which allows aqueous solutions to spread easily. Manufactured in USA.


PELCO Tripod Polisher 590

The PELCO® Tripod Polisher™ 590 was designed by researchers at the IBM East Fishkill Laboratory* to accurately prepare TEM and SEM samples of pre-specified, micron-sized regions. For TEM samples, this technique has been used successfully to limit ion milling times to less than 15 minutes and, in some cases, has eliminated the need for ion milling. Although this technique was designed for preparing semiconductor cross-sections, it has been used to prepare both plan-view and cross-section samples from such diverse materials as ceramics, composites, metals, and geological samples.


PELCO® Dimpler

The PELCO® Dimpler™ is the latest model in the evolu­tion of the Dimpler line formerly available from South Bay Technology and provides Automated Precision Thinning of Specimens for TEM Analysis. It is a preci­sion electro-mechanical metallographic lapping in­strument that will continuously monitor and control dimpling parameters and accurately terminate at a preset specimen thickness. This breakthrough in electronic and mechanical integration has added repeatability and reliability to the dimpling process, as well as automation.
Several operating functions of the PELCO® Dimpler™ are built in to facilitate repeatable, usable dimpled samples: