Vuoto e Deposizione KJLC®

Kurt J. Lesker Company offre una gamma completa di oltre 14.000 componenti per vuoto, come flange, raccordi, pompe, fluidi, valvole, passanti e trappole.
Kurt J. Lesker Company offre una delle linee di materiali più complete e di qualità del settore. I servizi di bonding e di recupero dei metalli preziosi vengono effettuati internamente.

Vacuum Mart Division Products

Feedthroughs & Viewports

KJLC produces more than 1,200 electrical, liquid and gas, motion and optical feedthroughs in a variety of terminations, maximum voltages, and current carrying capacities.

Vacuum Flanges & Components

KJLC supplies a complete range of flanges and flanged components such as nipples, elbows, tees, crosses, flex bellows, glass-metal seals, quick couplings, viewports, etc. in all standard vacuum flange systems.

Vacuum Valves

KJLC offers different valve types including: automated conductance control; rectangular and circular gate valves; and door, angle, inline and butterfly valves—many available in both stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Sample Manipulation & Motion

KJLC features multiple devices required for sample manipulation: motion feedthroughs, sample transfer, translation devices, XYZ manipulation, Z-only manipulation, sample rotation, rotary drives, linear drives, and wobble sticks, each helping to mechanically move an object inside a vacuum chamber.

Vacuum Fluids & Greases

KJLC has a history of over 40 years experience manufacturing hydrocarbon vacuum fluids, greases and lubricants of all grades and viscosities. Another highlight in this segment is our exclusive partnership with Solvay Specialty Polymers, bringing their successful Fomblin® and Galden® fluids and greases to our stable of top quality oils.

Vacuum Pumps

KJLC offers the finest pump manufacturers in the world and makes it easy to find the right product. Navigate the online menu to shop by pump type, technology or manufacturer to access the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps available from any single supplier.

Traps & Filters

The Vacuum Mart Division offers a full range of traps, filters, and abatement systems required to protect the vacuum chamber from vapors produced by the pumps.

Pressure Measurement

KJLC offers a full line of gauges and gauge controllers, including convection, thermocouple (T/C), Pirani, diaphragm and capacitance manometers, hot and cold cathode gauges,leak detectors, and all ancillary inlet systems, replacement parts, and filaments.

Gas & Liquid Management

Modern vacuum processes require regulated gas flows, calibrated helium leaks, cooling water, liquid nitrogen, compressed air for pneumatic valve operations, and other considerations, our line carries all necessary valves, flow regulators, plastic tubing, and compressed air fittings.

Deposition Materials Division Products

Ceramic Materials

KJLC manufactures advanced metal oxide ceramic materials for applications such as: the storage of energy and information, energy conversion, optics and electronics, as well as for a number of cutting-edge technologies on the horizon.

Evaporation Pellets, Pieces, & Wire

High purity materials for evaporation. Pure metals, alloys, oxides, fluorides, and nitrides. Various shapes, sizes, and quantities available. Materials can be packaged in the sizes required.

Sputtering Targets

High purity sputtering targets. Pure metals, alloys, oxides, fluorides, and nitrides. Available in many sizes, purities, and compositions.

Evaporation Sources

Evaporation sources for both thermal and e-beam evaporation. Boats, filaments, crucibles and heaters, and e-beam crucible liners. Available in various materials and configurations.

Target Bonding

Indium – the preferred material for bonding sputtering targets due to its superior thermal conductivity and efficiency in drawing heat away from the target – also is more malleable and forgiving than other solders. Certain applications may require an alternative optionsuch as elastomer bonding or different backing materials.